The Stories of the Upstate™ #242: (Leslie Haas) "I'm a total nerd who can explain everything about how the body works biologically."

                      Co-Founder and Strategist at Paper Airplanes, Leslie Haas, brings us story #242


Let me describe a social media marketing guru.  She's a 5th generation Greenvillian whose great, great grandfather was the 2nd doctor in Greenville and who is related to the Pete Hollis of Pete Hollis Blvd.  She was deathly shy as a child.  She loved reading and school as an awkward teen.  She worked several years in the plastic surgery industry.  She loves history and anatomy.  This might not sound like a typical resume for a social media marketing expert, but the co-founder and strategist at Paper Airplanes is just that, an expert on creative connectivity through social media marketing.  

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