The Stories of the Upstate™ #238: (Deb Richardson-Moore) "I jokingly say my night light has saved my marriage."

                      Story #238 comes from the Pastor of Triune Mercy Center, Deb Richardson-Moore


If I say, The Greenville News, the homeless and "The Cantaloupe Thief," what comes to mind or rather who comes to mind?  The Pastor of The Triune Mercy Center, Deb Richardson-Moore would be the correct answer.  Deb was a reporter for the Greenville News for 27 years which gave her some great insight into our community.  She is currently the pastor of the Triune Mercy Center, which she describes as an odd hybrid; worship service on Sundays with nearly 300 in attendance and a homeless ministry throughout the week, acting as a kind of social services agency with social workers, mental health workers, lawyers, doctors, housing specialists and more working to meet the needs of Greenville's homeless community.  Deb also is a published author of both non-fiction, "The Weight of Mercy," as well as fiction with such titles as "The Cantaloupe Thief."

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