The Stories of the Upstate™ #233: (William Timmons) "I was always busy as a kid, busy getting into trouble."

                            Story #233 comes from South Carolina State Senator William Timmons


Look at these three careers and tell me what they have in common: gym owner, lawyer and state senator.  You might be hard pressed to find a common theme until you meet the man who they all apply to, South Carolina State Senator William Timmons.  For Sen. Timmons, the common theme is making a difference and impact in people's lives.  As the owner of Swamp Rabbit CrossFit, he made a difference by helping people reach their health and fitness goals, as a lawyer with Timmons and Co LLC, he's able to make a difference by helping people with their legal needs.  After years of frustration with government as a small business owner and seeing the inefficiency of our government in the courts, Sen Timmons followed his philosophy that if you're going to complain, be prepared to do something about the problem and headed to Columbia to try to fix our government ; thanks to voters of the state's 6th District.

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