The Stories of the Upstate™ #231: (Frank Mobley) "I love baseball and have loved it since I was a kid."

                   Our 231st story, a GSA Business Report Q&A, comes from the CEO of Immedion, Frank Mobley


For most of us, being redundant is not a good quality, but for Frank Mobley, CEO of Immedion, redundancy is everything.  Immedion is a data center and cloud services company that works with local companies, keeping their servers and IT infrastructures up and operational at all times.  The key to Immedion's ability to meet their customers' needs is an infrastructure designed to never fail or fail infrequently and the key to that infrastructure is redundancy: back up uninterruptible power supply systems, multiple high end precision air conditioning systems, multiple connections to the utility grid and back up generators, along with a staff dedicated to making sure that Immedion lives up to their tag line: "Always On!"

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