The Stories of the Upstate #229: (Jeff Holland) "I got my first Mickey Mouse drum set at the age of 5 and wore it out by 5 and a half."

                                         Jeff Holland with DRUM4WORK shares story #229

What do the terrapan, the boomwhacker and corporate team building have in common?  Jeff Holland is what they have in common.  Jeff, a multi-ethnic percussionist and instructor with DRUM4WORK, leads corporate team building exercises using various drumming styles and instruments, even things that one would not think of as instruments, like your body or pots and pans.  Jeff strives to help people open the doors of communication and help them create clear communication and discover ways to work together for a common goal; all through the use of percussion instruments.  He does this too for children and parents just know that he loves to inspire children. teaching them to find ways to make noise.

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