The Stories of the Upstate™ #221: (Steve Watson) "I was playing gigs in night clubs with high school seniors when I was in seventh grade."

                                  Story #221 comes from Greenville Jazz musician, Steve Watson.

Steve Watson today is a teacher at Greenville's Fine Arts Center, an adjunct professor at Furman University and a recorded jazz musician, but these jobs only scratch the surface of who Steve Watson is.  He was a member of the University of Miami Jazz Band that toured the world, including Switzerland, Cyprus and Tunisia.  He was a member of the Bruce Hornsby Band for 6 years,  He worked with legendary music producer, Mike Post on such television shows as Magnum P.I. Murder She Wrote and Quantum Leap.  Today, Steve is dedicated, not only to producing amazing jazz music, but to helping young talent find the way to follow their dreams.

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