The Stories of the Upstate™ #268: (Russell Stall) "In high school, I knew Greenville wasn't cool and I was getting out and never coming back."

   Russell Stall, organizer of TEDx Greenville and Greenville County Councilman shares our 268th story.


For newly elected Greenville City Councilman, Russell Stall, community and connecting people are his passions and his whole life seems tailor made to inspire and encourage these passions.  When many in his neighborhood fled the public schools as integration became law, Russell's parents insisted he needed the public education experience, learning with and about people that were different from yourself.  As youth coordinator for Mayor Max Heller, he learned by Max's example the importance of talking and listening to people and finding ways to develop coalitions.  His work with Greenville Forward, Leadership Greenville and TEDx were great outlets for his passions and now as a Greenville City Councilman, Russell Stall will be connecting people for the benefit of our community.  

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