The Stories of the Upstate™ #267: (Jeff Rose) "My mind is like a gyroscope lit on fire."

                    Our 267th story is a snapshot of the life of South Carolina photographer Jeff Rose


He studied photographic instrumentation in college; learned the optics, physics and chemistry of photography.  His early career was in electronic prepress for the printing industry. followed by work in information technology and tech support.  Basically, Jeff Rose was a master of the science of photography, but deep down, he was that 14 yr old boy with the 35 millimeter camera and the artist was always there.  Now, he's following his passion with Jeff Rose Images where he focuses on great locations (no green screens for him), visually compelling props and esp. the real stars of photography, the people in front of the camera.  Jeff told us that the person who really makes a photograph work is the person in front of the lens.  He might be right, but we still think the man holding the camera and orchestrating the entire scene might deserve some credit as well.

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