The Stories of the Upstate #263: (Matthew Rollins) "I was an only child and spent many a day slinging a tennis ball against my grandparent's garage."

Our 263rd story,a GSA Business Report Q&A, comes from President and CEO of Anchor Bat CO,
  Matthew Rollins.


Is there any sweeter sound than the crack of a bat?  It speaks of summer, childhood, fun and perfection?  For a man whose life has been defined by baseball since childhood, Matthew Rollins, President and CEO of Anchor Bat Co, knows and loves that sound and runs a company making sure it's around for a long time.  Anchor Bat Co makes high quality bats, not only for major league teams who can purchase hundreds of bats a season, but also for the high school player who purchases that one special bat.  Matthew tells us that the Anchor Bat Co started from the seed of his father's incredible skill with wood and crafting bats and has grown as they consult experts on all aspects of bats, including working with Clemson University on what goes on with wood and the finish of wood. 

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