The Stories of the Upstate™ #254: (Andrea Cooper) "Building forts and ice skating with my friends were a big part of my childhood."

                         Andrea Cooper, Executive Director of Upstate Forever, shares Story #254


It was her college experiences at the University of Colorado in Boulder where Andrea Cooper, Executive Director of Upstate Forever, first got interested in conservation.  Andrea tells us that she went to one keg party and one football game, just so she could check those things off her list, but her and her friends spent most of their time hiking and backcountry skiing in the Rockies.
Now, Andrea's focus on conservation finds it's outlet with Upstate Forever and their work to help the Upstate manage our growth so the wonderful things that draw visitors and new residents here and that we all love are preserved as we grow.  And with all the beautiful places the Upstate has to offer, she still gets to enjoy biking and hiking.

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