The Stories of the Upstate™ #259: (Con Williamson) "I was a 98 lb wrestler in high school."

               Our 259th story, a GSA Business Report Q&A,comes from co-President and CCO of E P + Co,
                                                                           Con Williamson 

con williamson 300.jpg

3D printers and prototype building spaces are not the first things that come to mind when we consider an advertising agency.  For Con Williamson, co-President and CCO for E P + Co, they are just some of the tools that make the company, formerly known as Erwin Penland, a continued national success in the advertising world.  For most of us, the first thing we think of when we hear advertising agency, is print ads, magazines, but Con expands our thinking by pointing out all the different ways E P + Co serves their clients.  He tells us about television campaigns, smart phone apps, client events, even a mobile diner that goes to a disaster area and cooks food for people who've just lost their home.  Con explains that what E P + Co does is find creative ways to tell their client's story, to solve their problems and everything they do finds it's inspiration in this simple mantra, "Unthink Everything."  Clients like Denny's and Men's Warehouse demonstrate that E P + Co's thinking is just right.

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