The Stories of the Upstate™ #257: (Ryan Heil) "I was a bit clumsy and goofy as a kid."

                Ryan Heil, former CMO of Zipbuds and Clemson PhD candidate shares our 257th story.


These days, it seems everywhere you look, folks are sporting headsets and ear buds, and many are not happy with their current earbuds.  Ryan Heil knows something about the problems plaguing most ear buds.  As the former CMO of Zipbuds, Ryan said people complained about the sound quality, the fit, the stability, the battery life and Zipbuds was committed to creating a new kind of earbud that addressed all of these issues.  What did the former minor league baseball player and college baseball coach and his colleagues do in their quest for a great new earbud?  They consulted with audiologists, sound engineers and even fashion designers.  They also tapped a non-traditional funding source for Zipbuds, Kickstarter and raised over $280,000.  A welcome side effect of Ryan's work with ZIpbuds, was allowing him to put into practical application what he was learning as a PhD candidate at Clemson University.

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