The Stories of the Upstate™ #251: (Taryn Scher) "I danced on the field of Pro Player Stadium during the Orange Bowl when I was in college."

   Our 251st story, a GSA Business Report Q&A. comes from the Sparkle Boss (CEO) of TK PR.

Taryn Scher.jpg

"Public relations," a term we've all heard, but probably don't really understand.  Taryn Scher, the CEO of TK PR spells it out for us.  She says public relations is telling the story of a business, often not the obvious story, but the story that gets earned media coverage.  Basically connecting the true story of a business with journalists earnestly seeking true stories.  Need some idea of how TK PR successfully is the bridge between the story and the journalist, check out Euphoria Greenville and VisitGreenvilleSC, you know:  #yeahthatgreenville.

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