The Stories of the Upstate™ #243: (Kent Smith) "I was not good at sitting still as a kid."

Our 243rd story,  a GSA Business Report Q&A. comes from the CEO of Cliffs Land Partners, 
Kent Smith.


Seven communities along the front face of the Blue Ridge Escarpment that are significantly different than any other planned communities with amenities anywhere else in the United States is how the CEO of Cliffs Land Partners introduces us to The Cliffs.  He describes The Cliffs as a lifestyle, rather than just real estate or housing.  The combination of the unparalleled beauty of the Blue Ridge Escarpment with our delightful temperate year-round climate and the abundant amenities, like golfing, hiking, cycling, etc makes The Cliffs a greatly desired lifestyle. Include a company that is responsible in development, that freely avoids contaminating the streams and waterways, that does not build roads where roads should not be built, that doesn't sacrifice the beautiful flora and fauna that is abundant here just to build more and you can see that The Cliff really does embody it's mission statement: "It's not what we do.  It's where we do it and how we do it."

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