The Stories of the Upstate™ #248: (Jamie Hughes) "I love comic books and superheroes."

Our 248th story comes from Jamie Hughes, College Outreach Educator for Spartanburg's SAFE Homes Rape Crisis Coalition, and Founder and Facilitator of Writing for Well-Being, therapeutic writing courses.


"Difficulties don't have to define you," is something Jamie Hughes tells lots of the people he works with daily.  But that saying is more than just words for the College Outreach Educator for Spartanburg's SAFE Homes Rape Crisis Coalition, that saying personifies Jamie's life.  At the tender age of 8, he lost his mother.  Her loss was devastating and a family court judge compounded the tragedy by refusing his grandparents petition to raise him, deciding instead to send him to live with his father who he had never really known.  Most of his young life was lived with a dad and family who treated him as more of a burden than a part of the family.  Teen years brought risky behavior and bad decisions.  But as his saying goes, he didn't let difficulties define him.  Jamie reaches out to college students to bring awareness of domestic violence and sexual abuse in order to prevent it and to help those who are victims.  In addition, as the Founder and Facilitator for Writing for Well-Being, Jamie uses therapeutic writing to help people overcome the struggles they have in their lives.

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