The Stories of the Upstate #247: (Adam Carter): "I was in ROTC in high school planning on going to West Point to be a military lawyer."

                             Westminster singer-songwriter, Adam Carter, delivers our 247th story.


How does a ROTC cadet with plans to attend West Point and joining the U.S. Judge Advocate General's Corp as a military lawyer become an aspiring music star?  For Westminster singer-songwriter, Adam Carter, it began with learning to play the guitar at 7 yrs old with his dad as teacher.  He moved steps closer thanks to Eddy Shaver, whose influence on Adam's guitar playing was profound and who introduced him to Billy Joe Shaver's music.  Adam learned every song that Eddy Shaver's dad played which came in handy when he met Billy Joe Shaver one night back stage.  Adam was telling Billy Joe how much of an influence Eddy had been and Billy Joe invited him to sit in with him and the band that evening.  A random, one-time gig turned into a job with Billy Joe Shaver's band and that is how an ROTC cadet turns music star.

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