The Stories of the Upstate™ #311: (Taylor Correll-Greer) "Being a part of my high school marching band turned me into a social butterfly."

                     Taylor Correll-Greer, the owner of Events With Taylor brings us our 311th story.


"I carry stress well, " answered Taylor Correll-Greer when we asked him why we should have him plan an event for us.  He wants his clients to leave the organizing and the stress to him and simply show up to their event and enjoy it.  Ten years working in the restaurant industry and a couple years working for a Charleston, SC horse and carriage company helped prepared Taylor to start his own business, Events With Taylor.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #217: (Katie Hughes) "As a kid, I woke up to Vivaldi and Chopin, rather than an alarm clock."

      The Special Events Coordinator for the Village of West Greenville, Katie Hughes, brings our 217th story

Growing up in a home filled with classical piano music from dad and original paintings from mom; a backyard hosting concerts and compost piles and teenage years dedicated to dance seem like the ideal experiences for the Special Events Coordinator for the Village of West Greenville.  Katie Hughes has taken her life experiences and her passion for art and music and help expand the vibrant and diverse community that is Greenville's Art District, the Village of West Greenville with special events like VILLive Summer Concert Series and the Shoeless Jam.  

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