The Stories of the Upstate ™ #335: (Ariel Turner) "As a teen, I wanted to be in the CIA."

Greenville restaurant and commercial real estate development reporter, Ariel Turner, delivers our 335th story.


"Everything in this business is about relationships, " Ariel Turner told us.  The restaurant and commercial real estate development reporter for the Greenville Journal went on to say, "I have to make people trust me."  Ariel explained that people think she must always be eating, but the Bob Jones University graduate said her job is more about correspondence, tracking down resources and loads of meetings.  

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The Stories of the Upstate #200: (Margaret Burnquist) "I was born in Mexixo City and raise in Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Houston and finally Smithville, MO."

                      Margaret Burnquist with the Vittl Restaurant App shares our 200th story

Hungry? Want a way to find a great restaurant? How about finding a restaurant that's offering you a free taste of what they have to offer?  Former TV news anchor, Margaret Burnquist can help you with a new app called Vittl.  With the Vittl App, restaurants offer to buy customers a free drink or appetizer.  You scroll through the offers on Vittl, find one that appeals to you and enjoy a great dinner that starts off with something free.

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