The Stories of the Upstate #338-R (Eric Wood) "I grew up without a car."

                    Story #338-R comes from the host of Another Voice with Eric and Friends, Eric Wood.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #337: (Loyd Ford) "As a teen, I lived all over the country."

                         The host of The Stories of the Upstate™, Loyd Ford brings us our 337th story.


When we asked Loyd Ford what inspires him, he said," People who do the unusual, who do the unselfish; people who go out of their way to do something that is not in their best interest in order to lift someone up."  As the host of The Stories of the Upstate, Loyd has had the pleasure to be inspired over and over again.  Loyd says that people want to be heard and every story is unique.  He says that one of the best things about doing this show is watching people when they really share their passion because they just light up.

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