The Stories of the Upstate™ #218: (Troy Jones) "Growing up, I played roller hockey with the neighbor kids, including all the fights which we loved."

                                   Story #218 comes from Greenville musician, Troy Jones.

Troy Jones plays percussion with Darby Wilcox and the Peep Show, with The Kentucky Gentlemen, with Kelly Jo and Phat Lip and with lots of other local groups.  What about Troy makes him so appealing to such a wide variety of bands?  Artists are drawn to him for his ability to play almost anything, from a wide variety of musical styles to a number of different instruments, like drums, marimba and vibraphone, as well as playing things that aren't normally instruments, like a magazine, a flashlight and a book.  Always striving to learn more musical styles, more instruments and more ways to make other musicians sound great keeps Troy Jones a sought after musician in Upstate South Carolina.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #199: (Raybandz Saxz) "I was a band geek in high school."

                                   Easley saxophone musician, Raybandz Saxz plays us Story #199.

Jean, Sierra, Mindy and Big Bertha play a crucial role in the life of Raybandz Saxz.  No, those names don't belong to ex-wives or girlfriends, they are the names of his saxophones.  Raybandz Saxz grew up in a musical family; mom was a singer and dad was a drummer, and Raybandz played in the band in high school, so being a full time saxophone player today shouldn't surprise anyone.  Whether he's playing Jazz, the Blues or Gospel, Raybandz Saxz moves people with his music.

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