The Stories of the Upstate™ #294: (Stephanie Acker) "As a kid, I used to read the encyclopedia during the summer and wrote book reports on them."

             Story #294 comes from the founder of In The Know, Stephanie Acker


Suppose you wanted to find a great Italian restaurant in Anderson and an art gallery in Spartanburg and you wanted to listen to some Blues in Greenville; where would you look?  Stephanie Acker has the answer for you.  In fact, she's the founder of, a site where you can discover what to do, eat and experience all over the Upstate, all in one place.  Stephanie found that the Upstate is rich in things to do, places to eat, events, movements, etc, but that most of us lose out on these great experiences because we don't know where to go to find them and sometimes we aren't even aware that events are happening.  So this closet nerd from childhood, who used to read the encyclopedia just for fun, created a brilliant website to let all of us in on the awesomeness that is Upstate South Carolina.  Stephanie's goal is to give us a tool that lets us live life locally and to connect with our community on our terms. 

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #286: (Meredith Rigdon) "My older brother kicked out my teeth on Christmas Eve when I was seven."

Story #286 comes from the founder of Narratives Strategic Communications and Women's Advocate for Trek Bicycles, Meredith Rigdon.


How does not getting the job you desperately want and running, swimming and cycling get you prepared to have the career you love?  Meredith Rigdon can tell us.  Armed with a marketing degree from Clemson University, Meredith was eager to be the person behind a brand telling their story, but Michelin wanted her in sales.  In her five years in sales, she learned a vital lesson, network, build your network.  Meredith says that it was the network she had built that eventually landed her the marketing job she desired at Michelin and then at Sealed Air.  Meredith tells us that triathlon's have taught her that things will happen along the way, to make your goal difficult to reach, but if you remember that you are strong, remain calm and persevere, you will succeed.  

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #275: (Geoff Wasserman) "I played trombone in my high school jazz band."

          Story #275 comes from the CEO and Chief Brand Officer of The Brand Leader, Geoff Wasserman


Authenticity is vital for Geoff Wasserman, the CEO and Chief Brand Officer for The Brand Leader.  When he described what The Brand Leader does, he said that they champion the authentic voice, the authentic story, the true character of their clients and lead that authentic story through all their clients' initiatives.  Authenticity is not only vital for Geoff at work, but when we asked him about the secret of life, he told us that part of the secret of life is to be the authentic you, the one God wants you to be.

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The Stories of Upstate #245: (David Kabrin) "As a teen, my mother told me to go out and get into a little trouble."

                             David Kabrin, founder and CEO of Greenville360 brings us our 245th story.


You move to a new city and experience a host of great restaurants, go to amazing events, see wonderful local attractions; basically, you fall in love with this town.  What do you do?  Well, if you are David Kabrin, you create Greenville360, a lifestyle blog and social media following.  David wanted everyone to experience the Greenville he was experiencing, so he created something that would act as a source of recommendations and a highlighter of all the good Greenville has to offer and that was available to everyone with just a click of a button.  Basically a digital guide to all the wonders #yeahthatgreenville has to offer.  The result was Greenville360. 

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #242: (Leslie Haas) "I'm a total nerd who can explain everything about how the body works biologically."

                      Co-Founder and Strategist at Paper Airplanes, Leslie Haas, brings us story #242


Let me describe a social media marketing guru.  She's a 5th generation Greenvillian whose great, great grandfather was the 2nd doctor in Greenville and who is related to the Pete Hollis of Pete Hollis Blvd.  She was deathly shy as a child.  She loved reading and school as an awkward teen.  She worked several years in the plastic surgery industry.  She loves history and anatomy.  This might not sound like a typical resume for a social media marketing expert, but the co-founder and strategist at Paper Airplanes is just that, an expert on creative connectivity through social media marketing.  

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #225: (Megan Finnern) "I spent a few weeks every year in the hospital until I was 10 yrs old."

                       Our 225th story comes form Independent Marketing Consulant, Megan Finnern.

Megan Finnern is an independent marketing consultant and she loves being independent because it allows her to work both sides of  the industry.  On the creative side, she gets to design amazing advertising campaigns for clients and develop complete marketing strategies for individual companies.  On the organizational side, she works with individuals responsible for the marketing of their company helping them be successful.  Public relations, marketing, advertising, client services and connecting people are what Megan loves and loves that she gets to do as an independent marketing consultant.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #223: (Tim Joiner) "I built my hometown's first website and the mayor's re-election website when I was 14."

         Our 223rd story, a GSA Business Report Q&A, comes from the CEO of 3Fold Creative, Tim Joiner.

What is 3Fold Creative?  Some would say it's a website shop and they do design and build websites.  Others would say it's an ad agency and they do provide branding, marketing campaigns and digital marketing help.  The CEO of 3Fold Creative, Tim Joiner says that they're a growth agency.  Tim says their mission is to promote exponential, goal oriented, sustainable growth for the people and organizations they serve.  Customers come to 3Fold Creative with a vision of where they want their company to be in 5 yrs, in 1 yr, in 6 months and 3Fold Creative accesses the business experience, creative expertise and technology of their team to make their customer's goals reality.

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