The Stories of the Upstate™ #334: (Travis Wharton) "All the people who lived on the street where I grew up were related to me."

               Our 334th story comes from the Urban League of the Upstate's Spartanburg Education
               Coordinator, Travis Wharton


Travis Wharton told us,"I like to be there to teach, to educate and to be beneficial to my community."  This former high school principle gets to do exactly this in his role with the Urban League of the Upstate.  He is their Education Coordinator for Spartanburg.  What excites him about the Urban League is how they are able to find creative ways to use the funds they raise to bring education to the community, to bring knowledge of economic mobility, to provide housing and resources for community members.  

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #308: (Eli Harrison) "I started my first company when I was 12, selling duct tape wallets."

                  Story #308 comes from Next High School student and CEO of All Pro, Eli Harrison


The CEO of All Pro Learning is a student.  No, I don't mean a "student of life," or anything like that.  No, Eli Harrison, All Pro Learning is a high school student at Greenville's Next High School.  Next High School encourages entrepreneurial learning and Eli has a passion for improving education, esp. how students learn and teachers teach best.  It was only natural that Eli would start a company dedicated to finding ways to teach a skill AND how to apply it.

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The Stories of the Upstate #229: (Jeff Holland) "I got my first Mickey Mouse drum set at the age of 5 and wore it out by 5 and a half."

                                         Jeff Holland with DRUM4WORK shares story #229

What do the terrapan, the boomwhacker and corporate team building have in common?  Jeff Holland is what they have in common.  Jeff, a multi-ethnic percussionist and instructor with DRUM4WORK, leads corporate team building exercises using various drumming styles and instruments, even things that one would not think of as instruments, like your body or pots and pans.  Jeff strives to help people open the doors of communication and help them create clear communication and discover ways to work together for a common goal; all through the use of percussion instruments.  He does this too for children and parents just know that he loves to inspire children. teaching them to find ways to make noise.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ # 206: (Mary Grimes-McGreer) "Saturday evenings when I was a kid were all about chili cheeseburgers and root beer floats."

                        Story #206 comes from Mary Grimes-McGreer, Campus Director for Webster University.

 Having a propensity for bringing order and a passion for helping people reach their goals are just the traits that help Mary Grimes-McGreer be an effective Campus Director for Webster University-Greenville.  A child who loved learning and excelled at it and a teen who found her voice through her senior drama class, Mary Grimes-McGreer found teaching, as a passion first and then found she was a great administrator and enjoyed it.  Now, she helps young people find their path and the tools to follow it.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #194: (Dr. Jermaine Whirl) "I read 1,000 books in first grade."

Our 194th story comes from Dr. Jermaine Whirl, VP of Economic Development and Corporate Training at Greenville Tech.

Dr. Jermaine Whirl's path to his current position as Vice President of Economic Development and Corporate Training at Greenville Technical College began early.  His parents instilled in him the spirit of hard work and service at a young age which displayed itself early when he got a management position at Kiawa Island Resort at the age of 17, managing a staff of 50 people. A teaching positon at East Georgia State College when he was just 23 and becoming the Dean of Adult Education for Savannah Technical College at the age of 26 demonstrated that the lessons he learned working in his father's businesses from the age of 10 had paid off.

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The Stories of the Upstate ™ #155: "As a teen, I thought it was "daring" to cut school to get lunch at Carolina Fine Foods."

Cherington Love Shucker, the Ex. Dir. of the Greenville Center for Creative Arts in Greenville SC shares story #155.

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