The Stories of the Upstate ™ #314: (Ryan Heafy) "One year for Valentine's Day, I bought carnations for every girl in my high school, 430+ girls."

                                         Story #314 comes from Ryan Heafy with GVLToday


What makes a mechanical engineer who's familiar with Black Hawk helicopters work on a community promoting digital platform?  For Ryan Heafy, it's his passions  Ryan told us that economic development, work force development and community growth are his passions and GVLToday allows him to realize those passions.  GVLToday strives to engage and educate the community, not only on economic development or community growth in general, but also how we all can be active participants in our own positive future.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #242: (Leslie Haas) "I'm a total nerd who can explain everything about how the body works biologically."

                      Co-Founder and Strategist at Paper Airplanes, Leslie Haas, brings us story #242


Let me describe a social media marketing guru.  She's a 5th generation Greenvillian whose great, great grandfather was the 2nd doctor in Greenville and who is related to the Pete Hollis of Pete Hollis Blvd.  She was deathly shy as a child.  She loved reading and school as an awkward teen.  She worked several years in the plastic surgery industry.  She loves history and anatomy.  This might not sound like a typical resume for a social media marketing expert, but the co-founder and strategist at Paper Airplanes is just that, an expert on creative connectivity through social media marketing.  

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