The Stories of the Upstate™ #256: (Morgan Riley) "I took hip hop and belly dancing classes as a teen and got really good at both."

                            Greenville singer- songwriter, Morgan Riley  shares our 256th stories.


For many singer - songwriters, the realization that music was going to be their life doesn't hit them until later in life.   That's not the case for Greenville singer-songwriter, Morgan Riley, who from the age of 5, was shouting that she was going to be a singer/dancer/actress/model.
When she was 15 and attempting to write her own music as opposed to simply covering other artists, she discovered that she had a talent for creating unique songs.  Morgan tells us that inspiration for a great song can come from anywhere, even the most mundane things like change in own's pocket.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #226: (Lecretia Robinson) "Starting when I was 2 yrs old, I sang in a traveling 4-part harmony quartet."

          Singer-songwriter of The ThunderRoad Band, Lecretia Robinson brings us our 226th story.

Ever wonder what in a person's life creates a singer-songwriter?  Let's take a look at singer-songwriter for The ThunderRoad Band, Lecretia Robinson's life and see if we can figure it out.  She started singing in a traveling quartet at the age of 2.  Her dad taught her and her brothers how to play the guitar growing up. Lecretia was 1st chair violinist at the Cowpens Middle School orchestra and 1st chair saxophonist for the Broome High School marching band.  She began writing songs  and learning how to sing different genres of music around 14.  At least for Lecretia Robinson, a family and a childhood bathed in music creates a singer-songwriter and The ThunderRoad Band and their fans enjoy the results.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #`147: "For my sixth birthday, I got a old record player, a box of 45s from the 60s and a drum set."

                              We get Story #147 from Liberty country singer-songwriter, Nick Nicholson

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The Stories of the Upstate #96: "My dad made an ice skating rink in the front yard with a lawn sprinkler."

                                   Charlie Munson, WESC's morning show host brings us story #96.

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