The Stories of the Upstate™ #334: (Travis Wharton) "All the people who lived on the street where I grew up were related to me."

               Our 334th story comes from the Urban League of the Upstate's Spartanburg Education
               Coordinator, Travis Wharton


Travis Wharton told us,"I like to be there to teach, to educate and to be beneficial to my community."  This former high school principle gets to do exactly this in his role with the Urban League of the Upstate.  He is their Education Coordinator for Spartanburg.  What excites him about the Urban League is how they are able to find creative ways to use the funds they raise to bring education to the community, to bring knowledge of economic mobility, to provide housing and resources for community members.  

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The Stories of the Upstate ™ #314: (Ryan Heafy) "One year for Valentine's Day, I bought carnations for every girl in my high school, 430+ girls."

                                         Story #314 comes from Ryan Heafy with GVLToday


What makes a mechanical engineer who's familiar with Black Hawk helicopters work on a community promoting digital platform?  For Ryan Heafy, it's his passions  Ryan told us that economic development, work force development and community growth are his passions and GVLToday allows him to realize those passions.  GVLToday strives to engage and educate the community, not only on economic development or community growth in general, but also how we all can be active participants in our own positive future.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #186: (Miranda Asson) "In fifth grade, the kids called me Oprah."

                The Community Relations Director for 96.3 The Block, Miranda Asson brings story #186.

Growing up in Greer, Miranda Asson was a Janet Jackson fanatic, even owning a Rhythm Nation jacket and the famous key earring, so it's no wonder that she's now known as Miranda on the Radio and is the Community Relations Director for 96.3 The Block; as well as a Radio Angel on WPJM 800 am, The Light.

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The Stories of the Upstate #111: " As a teen, I spent a summer in the West Indies doing community work thanks to the Girl Scouts.

                                     Deborah McKetty, CEO of Community Works Carolina shares story #111.

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