The Stories of the Upstate™ #298: (Kyle Rowland) "I've seen Wide Spread Panic in concert 28 times."

                                        Our 298th story comes from singer-songwriter, Kyle Rowland.


"Fourscore and seven years ago," the words of Abraham Lincoln inspired one of the earliest songs, Kyle Rowland ever wrote,   He's not a bluegrass artist even though both his dad and 4th grade teacher were.  For Kyle, people are his greatest inspiration, in the many varied aspects of their daily lives.  Writing about other people and ideas, instead of focusing on his own personal experiences are key to his success in writing songs for his band, Four 14.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #275: (Geoff Wasserman) "I played trombone in my high school jazz band."

          Story #275 comes from the CEO and Chief Brand Officer of The Brand Leader, Geoff Wasserman


Authenticity is vital for Geoff Wasserman, the CEO and Chief Brand Officer for The Brand Leader.  When he described what The Brand Leader does, he said that they champion the authentic voice, the authentic story, the true character of their clients and lead that authentic story through all their clients' initiatives.  Authenticity is not only vital for Geoff at work, but when we asked him about the secret of life, he told us that part of the secret of life is to be the authentic you, the one God wants you to be.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #261: (Lynn Pilewski) "I fed chicken to the alligators over the fence in my background growing up."

Story #261 comes from Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District's Education Program Coordinator, Lynn Pilewski


She's often called "the poop lady" and she likes it.  She likes it because it means that she's doing her job well, at least one part of her job, educating kids about water protection.  Lynn Pilewski, Education Program Coordinator for the Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District teaches school kids about conservation and about picking up after their dogs as one way to help keep out water supply clean.  

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The Stories of the Upstate #214: (Robert Gowan) "As a child, I ran around the grocery store singing at people."

                                Singer and front man for Wasted Wine, Robert Gowan brings us Story #214

The front man for Wasted Wine, Robert Gowan was the worst violin player in college, but now he writes and plays music for film and theater.  He plays unique instruments like the harmonium and the bazooka.  He's even writing music for a video game.  And a Wasted Wine concert appeals to the eyes as well as the ears with performance art.    

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #205: (Tim Holland) "When I was a kid, a Greenville cop clocked me going 50 mph down Parkins Mill Rd on my bicycle."

                       We get Story #205 from Tim Holland, Earth FM producer and on-air personality.

Give him a manual or an instructive YouTube video and Tim Holland can fix anything.  The Greenville native was ADD and dyslexic as a child, but also a daydreamer.  He was always solving problems in his head.  He's a member of Mensa and all of these traits help him be exactly what Earth FM and WGTK, The Answer need: talented producer and on-air personality, as well as huge help on the engineering side of things. When you add his deep love for radio and Tim Holland is living a charmed life.

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