The Stories of the Upstate #273: (Dex Mitchell) "I love aquariums."

                            Story #273 comes from Hot 98.1 FM morning show host, Dex Mitchell.


He told us that his job is so fun and fast that 4 hours flies by like 15 minutes.  As one of the host of the Hot 98.1 FM morning show, Dex Mitchell, he's bantering with Barbie T, playing music, working the controls, doing Facebook Live and having the time of his life.  Dex tells us he came to this prime radio gig the long way, moving all over the country, working the overnights and doing a little production work.   Dedication and always striving to be better are the keys to success according to Dex and his current career demonstrates the truth to his keys; in addition to Hot 98.1 FM's morning show, Dex records shows for stations in Birmingham and Hawaii.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #272: (Ed Campbell) "As a teen, I wanted to be Bjorn Borg."

Seneca singer-songwriter, Ed Campbell with The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show brings our 272nd story.


Bluegrass and rock and roll music is what Ed Campbell plays, but like Lou Reed, he thinks of himself as a writer who uses the music venue for his writing platform.  Bob Dylan and Neil Young were his inspirations to play rock and roll and a breakup with a girlfriend, a local bar's jukebox and George Jones led him to country and bluegrass.  Ed told us that he isn't the greatest singer or guitar player, but his greatest talent is bringing together the best singers and players to join him in creating music.  The proof is in the pudding.  Ed is a member of The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show making bluegrass music like it's nobody's business and he gets his rock and roll on with Pine Tar Rage, where 20 yr olds tell him he rocks harder than their peers.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #271: (Nicole Ramsbey) "I don't have a tailbone."

                   Story #271 comes from Simpsonville triathlete and Sprint Communications account executive,                                                                                 Nicole Ramsbey


These three traits define Nicole Ramsbey, connecting people, finding solutions and never giving up.  Take a quick peek at her life and you can't help see who she is. Her years of work with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, her new job with Sprint Communications and her multiple triathlons are clear examples of who Nicole is, a connector, a problem solver and a  go-getter.

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The Downtown Jam™ #27: Charles Hedgepath, Matt Kay and Mark Webb Jr.

Once a month, 3 to 6 local singer songwriters walk into a secret location in downtown Greenville.  They only bring their guitars, their stories and their original songs.  They play an entire free concert.  We record it and play it back for you on-demand 24/7 beginning the second Wednesday every month.  We call it "The Downtown Jam™" and it's another way to thank you for listening and subscribing to "The Stories of the Upstate™  #gvlmusic


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The Stories of the Upstate ™ #270: (Raquel Lamberth) "Growing up, I played hopscotch and tennis in the streets of South Africa."

                                             New U.S. citizen, Raquel Lamberth shares story #270.


Let's meet a new U.S. citizen.  Born and raised in Durban, South Africa; playing hopscotch and tennis in the streets and enjoying the coast, because, as her family said, "the water is free."  Raquel Lamberth loved her upbringing and her homeland and then she followed the call of a christian education to Holmes Bible College in Greenville, South Carolina.  Now, with a daughter currently serving as a U.S. Marine and two sons, soon to become U.S. Marines, she did the hard work, the long hours of study and made the financial sacrifices to trade her green card for citizenship in the country she has come to love.

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The Stories of the Upstate #269: (JJ Woolbright) "When I was a kid, I use to sneak out so I could listen to the music coming from Big John's Jamboree."

                               Story #269 comes from JJ Woolbright, Westminster singer-songwriter
                                           and front man for JJ Woolbright and The Whiskey Road.


When we asked JJ Woolbright about the song writing process, he said," The song writes itself; I'm just the messenger." He told us that his goal is to tell the stories with truth that folks need to hear.  He said his inspiration comes from everywhere, even from the sounds of a monster truck rally.  Music got a hold of JJ early, through the guitar and drum sounds that came from Big John's Jamboree and through the deep impact that songs from Fleetwood Mac had on him.  He played with groups like the Earthtones, the Bret Michael's band, and the Black River Rebels.  He said there was a struggle inside him between the lead guitar player and the songwriter and he finally decided that he wanted to play his own songs and play the guitar parts the way he wanted and now, with his new band, JJ Woolbright and The Whiskey Road, he can tell those stories that the folks need his own way.  

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2018 New Years Special - Downtown Jam ™

While Stories Of The Upstate™ (iTunes, Stitcher App) reaches into all neighborhoods and colleges/universities, city and state government, radio and TV, corporations at the CEO/leadership levels, pastors and comedians and so much more, we focus a fair percentage of our episodes on musicians inside the local music scene in Upstate SC.  We also have a free unplugged concert each month featuring 3 to 6 local singer-songwriters (see our large concert archive @

 This New Year's, we thought we'd give you a music special featuring a wide variety of our local musicians. Here it is. Thanks for supporting local musicians no matter where or how you do that!


The Stories of the Upstate™ #268: (Russell Stall) "In high school, I knew Greenville wasn't cool and I was getting out and never coming back."

   Russell Stall, organizer of TEDx Greenville and Greenville County Councilman shares our 268th story.


For newly elected Greenville City Councilman, Russell Stall, community and connecting people are his passions and his whole life seems tailor made to inspire and encourage these passions.  When many in his neighborhood fled the public schools as integration became law, Russell's parents insisted he needed the public education experience, learning with and about people that were different from yourself.  As youth coordinator for Mayor Max Heller, he learned by Max's example the importance of talking and listening to people and finding ways to develop coalitions.  His work with Greenville Forward, Leadership Greenville and TEDx were great outlets for his passions and now as a Greenville City Councilman, Russell Stall will be connecting people for the benefit of our community.  

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A Downtown Jam™ Exclusive Single: "Everything Good is on the Highway"

On the second Wednesday of each month on Stories Of The Upstate™ we launch a free concert, the Downtown Jam, for your smartphone, computer or tablet with local singer-songwriters and their original songs.  #gvlmusic

Here’s a JAM Extra™ Bonus Exclusive from the December 13, 2017 Downtown Jam with Charles Hedegpath and the Bad Popes featuring Mike Bagwell, Chris Garrett, Jef Chandler and Joe Cash.


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The Stories of the Upstate™ #267: (Jeff Rose) "My mind is like a gyroscope lit on fire."

                    Our 267th story is a snapshot of the life of South Carolina photographer Jeff Rose


He studied photographic instrumentation in college; learned the optics, physics and chemistry of photography.  His early career was in electronic prepress for the printing industry. followed by work in information technology and tech support.  Basically, Jeff Rose was a master of the science of photography, but deep down, he was that 14 yr old boy with the 35 millimeter camera and the artist was always there.  Now, he's following his passion with Jeff Rose Images where he focuses on great locations (no green screens for him), visually compelling props and esp. the real stars of photography, the people in front of the camera.  Jeff told us that the person who really makes a photograph work is the person in front of the lens.  He might be right, but we still think the man holding the camera and orchestrating the entire scene might deserve some credit as well.

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The Stories of the Upstate™ #266: (Brad Willis) "Wil Wheaton got me my job."

                                         Greenville poker writer, Brad Willis deals Story #266 to us.


"Be in Denmark in two weeks" was how Brad Willis found out he had his current job, poker writer.  Combining a love of poker with a career in television journalism, Brad Willis travels the world covering the fascinating world of professional poker.  This former WYFF 4 News reporter spends his time with the best and brightest in the high stakes poker world and sometimes he gets to play a few hands with the young geniuses who dominate poker worldwide.

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