The Stories of the Upstate #125: "My childhood memories include cotter pins, boat motors and fishing poles."

                    Spartanburg singer-songwriter Fayssoux Starling McLean brings us story #125

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The Downtown Jam #10: Charles Hedgepath with The Marcus King Band featuring David Katilius, Jack Ryan, Matt Jennings and Marcus King

Once a month, 3 to 6 local singer songwriters walk into a secret location in downtown Greenville.  They only bring their guitars, their stories and their original songs.  They play an entire free concert.  We record it and play it back for you on-demand 24/7 beginning the second Wednesday every month.  We call it "The Downtown Jam" and it's another way to thank you for listening and subscribing to "The Stories of the Upstate."  #gvlmusic

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The Stories of the Upstate #121: "As a kid, I kayaked on the Potomac River near DC."

                                       1992 Olympic Gold Medalist, Joe Jacobi shares story #121

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The Stories of the Upstate #119: " I dabbled in break dancing in high school."

                            Kyle Mensing from Greer Development and Greer Station bring story #119.

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A Downtown Jam Exclusive Song: "Broken Side of You"

On the second Wednesday of each month on “Stories Of The Upstate™ we launch a free concert, the Downtown Jam, for your smartphone, computer or tablet with local singer-songwriters and their original songs.  #gvlmusic

Here’s a JAM Extra™ Bonus Exclusive from the July 13, 2016 Downtown Jam™ with Charles Hedgepath, Justin Hill, Tum White and Donnie Blackwell.

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The Stories of the Upstate #117: "Some of my favorite memories growing up involve bass fishing."

    The Executive Director of the Center for Developmental Services, Dana McConnell brings us Story #117

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